World Humanitarian Day (19.08.)

The Red Cross of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day (19/08) has provided 1,000 food parcels, 1,000 packages of hygiene products and 36,500 pieces of disposable diapers for adults, with a total value of 55,838.25 KM.

On 19.08.2016., through municipal and city organizations of the Red Cross in the Federation of B&H shall distribute humanitarian goods to vulnerable population.

World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to humanitarian workers who are alleviating the suffering of victims of wars and natural disasters, and it serves as a reminder of ongoing humanitarian operations in many countries, in order to secure necessary relief for the vulnerable population.

Common global celebration of humanitarian work is accentuating connection between United nations and over 500 national and international NGO's, whose common goal is engaging and inspiring the public to participate in providing help to those that are in need.

UN General Assembly has adopted decision of celebrating World Humanitarian Day on August 19th in 2008, in order to contribute to raising awareness of public about  humanitarian relief activities all over the world and importance of international cooperation in that regard.

Goals of celebrating World Humanitarian day:

  • effectively informing the public about the humanitarian community, what humanitarian workers do and the challenges they face;

  • gives NGOs and international bodies and agencies of the UN the opportunity to show their humanitarian activities;

  • paying tribute to those who died or were injured during their humanitarian work.

Celebrating World Humanitarian Day is also an opportunity for us to re-examine our own lives and consider what we can do to help people who are exposed to the difficulties of life and long-lasting conflicts.

Crveni križ u službi humanosti već 112 godina u Bosni i Hercegovini.

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