Constitutive Meeting of European Youth Coordination Commitee (EYCC)

In the period of 19. – 21. 08. 2016. Budapest will be the host of the first constitutive meeting for the newly elected leadership pf European Youth Coordination Commitee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent. The meeting will take place in the IFRC Regional Office for Europe.

The representative for Red Cross Society of B&H elected for the leadership in this mandate period is Jasmin Nikšić, Youth Coordinator in the Red Cross of Federation of B&H.

Alongside participation in the creating of the action strategy during the newly elected leadership's mandate, every of the 7 members will be assigned responsibility for the one of the following programmes: humanitarian education, migrations, healthy lifestyles, disaster response, advocating, leadership and climate changes, and will be given couple of countries to serve as a mentor.