Conclusions of the first meeting of the newly appointed leadership of European Youth Coordination Comittee

In the period of 19-21 August 2016, the first meeting of the newly appointed leadership of European Youth Coordination Commitee took place, in the IFRC Office for Europe.

The meeing consisted of workshops through which members have worked on the strategic and action planning for 2016-2018 mandate period, as well as meetig with IFRC associates. Members of the Coordination Comittee have met associates for developement, public health, migrations, disaster management and psycho-social support.

Likewise, Skype meeting with EYCC representative for Asia-Pacific region took place, with the aim of experience and ideas exchange regarding action plan.

Through the course of the meeting, discussion about topics recognized as priorites on EYCC meeting in Sutomore took place, as well as election of teams and persons in charge for developement on certain subjects.

  1. Y.E.S. Strategy Implementation- person in charge: Maria Hristova, Bulgarian Red Cross
  2. Volunteering Inovations- person in charge:Armenian Red Cross
  3. Youth and Advocacy- person in charge: Guillermo Vazquez, Spanish Red Cross
  4. Strengthening Sub-Regional Youth Network of Europe- persons in charge: Jasmin Nikšić, Red Cross Society of B&H and Jelena Cofranac, Montenegro Red Cross
  5. Migrations- persons in charge: Sabrina Konzok, German Red Cross and Hala Mohammed, Swedish Red Cross

Apart from this, members have also been appointed with National Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies for close cooperation in strengthening youth structure and programme activites implementation.

EYCC member delegated by Red Cross Society of B&H, Jasmin Nikšić, has been appointed for coordinating youth structure strengthening in Turkish Red Crescent, Croatian Red Cross, Slovenian Red Cross, Romanian Red Cross, and Red Cross Society of B&H, as well as programme coordinator for Anti-trafficking Network and deputy in charge for Volunteering Innovations.

Upcoming meetings and conferentions plannnig also took place, with the suggestion that election conference takes place in Madrid, hosted by Guillermo Vazquez, and one of the upcoming meetings in Sarajevo, hosted by Jasmin Nikšić.

EYCC members will try, cooperating closely with IFRC Office for Europe, to be present for all of the relevant and important events organized by the Movement and present work of the Youth Network.

Nis Sperling, adviser for youth and volunteers in the IFRC Office in Budapest has been present throughout all of the workshops and meetings.

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